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90 Nutrients............... Have you had yours Today??? Dr Joel Wallach's Mighty 90 Paks™ - The Centerpoint of Nutrition

Dr Joel Wallach Mighty 90 Paks Youngevity

Dr Wallach's Mighty 90 Paks™: The Centerpoint of Nutrition


Everyone should have a minimum of one product in the Multi- Vitamin Mineral Group and another in the Essential Fatty Acid Group.
These products contain the core nutrients that make up the "Mighty 90," and should be the foundation of your "Nutritional Health Program".

Dr Joel Wallach

90 for Life Health Packs  

Youngevity/SupraLife Mighty 90 Health Packs - Specialized Nutrition
  • King Kong Cardio
  • On-The-Go Cardio Daily
  • On The Go Healthy Start™
  • On The Go Healthy Start™ X2
  • OTG Healthy Start™ W/Btt
  • Pig Pack®
  • Pig Pack® Plus
  • Powder Duo Special
  • Slender Fx Weight loss
  • Super Antioxidant Pack
  • Tropical 90™
  • Ultra Toddy 90 Pak
  • Mighty 90 Paks / CEO PACKS / Escape Packs

    Dr Wallach's Mighty 90 Paks

    Basic Mighty 90 - More Details

    Basic Mighty 90

    Power Pak™ - More Details

    Power Pak™


    Picture the "Mighty 90" as the center of a flower (the capitulum). Any and all other products work more effectively if they are taken along with the "Mighty 90," so you would consider them the petals (or, corolla) of the flower. Each product, or petal, could do the job alone, but together they are much more effective.

    If you are suffering with joint pain and you want to support your body, you might decide that the Pig Pak® or Pig Pak® Plus is right for you. The Tangy Tangerine® and Ultimate EFA™ make up the center of the flower, the Plant Derived Minerals™ the stem, and Gluco-Gel™ and Osteo fx™ create the petals.

    Alternatively, you could try SupraLife's™ Ultra Body Toddy® and Ultimate EFA™ for your "Mighty 90," (or the center of your flower), and have your petals be EQ Factor™ and CocoGevity™.

    There are so many great combinations of our products targeted at thousands of health challenges. The Mighty 90™ systems offered by Youngevity® are basic nutrition "Starter Paks," containing all of the core nutrients needed by everyone and anyone! While the combination of the products in each Pak provide a powerful base for sustained health, ultimate wellness can be further supported with additional Youngevity® family products.

    90 for Life Health Packs  

    90 for Life™ Health Packs
    Pig Pack by Dr Wallach
    Youngevity™ Vitamins And Caps
    Youngevity™ Liquid 
    Mighty 90 Paks by Dr Wallach
    Majestic Earth™
    Shakes And Powders
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    Beyond Tangy Tangerine®
    Rebound Fx™
    Tablets and Caps by the case
    Mineral Makeup
    Botanical Spa Collection
    Ancient Legacy / Nutrition
    SupraLife™ Liquid
    SupraLife™ Capsules SupraLife Health Packs Pure Works'
    Home and Garden CEO Packs ProJoba™
    JavaFit® Gourmet Coffee GoFoods™ Escape™

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